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Prepare to Go to Prison

It is never easy facing the prospect of incarceration.  The factors of how well you will cope have several determining factors: The length of your sentence, the type of prison your are committed to, (and is it close enough for your friends and family to visit you), whether or not you have an extended family, what are the ages of your children, your marital status and the strength of your mind. 

There is a great deal of relevant content within the pages of this site that should give you a detailed insight into what it is like within the confines of a prison or jail from various points-of-view.  These articles and stories were published recently and over the years that will answer most of your questions.  We have structured the site where the search model is coded to help you find the very best content in your area of interest and it is our sincere hope that what you read will allay your concerns as well as could be expected. 

If you have ANY question that you don't yet have an answer to...PLEASE use the "Ask the Inmate" box on any page.  We will email you the answer privately or post it in that section on the site to share with other users whom may have similar issues.  Maybe it'll start a meaningful discussion on your topic.