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Correctional Billing Services (CBS)

Correctional Billing Services (CBS) - is now Securus Tech, who now services this Ohio facility. They charge $15 per call or MORE for a long distance call from the jail. You are reading this because you are looking for a better, less expensive way to stay in touch. InmateAid does NOT replace the Securus service; it just makes the calls through them cheaper by making the call LOCAL. You will have to place funds in Securus or your inmate's commissary account for the line we give you to work.

For only $19.95 you get 1000 long distance minutes on the line per month. 

COST COMPARISON - Why this makes sense...

15 minutes long distance call is $17.30

15 minutes LOCAL call is $2.30

Get an InmateAid LOCAL line for $19.95

300 long distance mins (20 calls) costs you $346 a month

300 local mins with InmateAid costs $46 + $19.95 = $65.95

YOU SAVE $280.05 per month; $3,360.60 per YEAR


Read this telling article about the "Criminal Cost of Talking to a Loved One Behind Bars" and where Securus fits into the story.

Telephones are provided for outgoing calls in each dorm or dayroom. These are collect calls only. The party that accepts the call will be billed for every call. The rates for calls to a landline are as followed:

Local: $1.85 – flat rate

Intralata: $1.73 plus $.23 / per additional minute

Interlata: $1.78 plus $.28 / per additional minute

Interstate: $3.95 plus $.89/per additional minute

Please note this does not include any fee for accepting collect calls from your telephone carrier. Collect calls to cellular phones are $9.99 per call. Inmate phone calls are limited to 15 minutes. The phone will automatically disconnect after 15 minutes. All calls are monitored and recorded.

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact Securus Customer Billing or if you need to dispute a charge call (800) 844-6591.

You could also access their website.

Here's what you'll need to do -

Preferred Option: Have your inmate purchase calling cards within the commissary. Give your inmate the new local line and they will be able to call you direct and basically by-passing the need to deal with Securus altogether.

If your inmate does not have the benefit of a calling card option within the commissary, then you will need to prepay the account at: 800-844-6591


WARNING - Securus is one of the most aggressive prison phone companies when it comes to blocking local lines that are legally procured by friends and family members to combat outrageous long distance rates.Here is a tactic they will use to dissuade you from using a local line to reduce your communication costs:


"For security reasons, we do not allow calls to go through call diverters. Calls from jails need to be secure and investigators need to be able to audit and track calls to recipients; therefore, there are strict rules about how calls can be routed outside of correctional facilities. We have detected that you are using a call diversion scheme to terminate calls; therefore, your usage has been blocked."

This is not the truth. The rule that this statement is trying to disguise their desire for profit around is "no third-party calling". Meaning that the recipient of the inmate call would be connecting an unapproved person to a call. This IS a rule worthy of enforcement as the prison needs to monitor the communications of an inmate - not merely stopping a family member from owning a local line to make the calls cheaper. No other phone company we've dealt with employs this tactic so beware.

InmateAid will give you a new line if yours gets blocked. It does happen, but we are diligent in maintaining the lines.