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This pertains only to the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates. FBOP inmates must submit all telephone numbers with their contact name on their Trulincs account at the facility. Once the number is approved, the inmate directs funds from their inmate account to their telephone line.  They dial an access code along with the "local" number.  The call connects to you with a recording and a prompts you to accept the call.  The calls are limited to 15 minutes per call. Federal inmates get 300 minutes per month and an extra 100 minutes for the holidays (November and December).

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Simply add the inmate's full name and their inmate number using Code FBOP, DC.  Once it's on their books, they will be able to directly call your new LOCAL line at the local rates (only 6 cents per minute instead of 21 cents to a $1.00 per minute).