CDCR-Prado Adult Conservation (Fire) Camp #28

CDCR Fire Camp

Last Updated: February 28, 2024
14467 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710
San Bernardino

Prado Camp #28 is for CDCR Fire Camp offenders have not been sentenced yet and are detained here until their case is heard.

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Satellite View of CDCR-Prado Adult Conservation (Fire) Camp #28

You can support your loved ones at Prado Camp #28 on InmateAid, if you have any immediate questions contact the facility directly at 909-597-3917.

Prado Camp #28 is a minimum-security facility under CDCR supervision, this camp plays a crucial role in supporting government agencies during emergency responses to wildfires, floods, and other natural or man-made disasters. Additionally, camp crews contribute to park maintenance, assist with flood mitigation through sandbagging, and participate in reforestation projects. Participation in the Conservation (Fire) Camp Program is entirely voluntary for incarcerated individuals. Those who choose to volunteer must meet specific eligibility criteria aimed at ensuring public safety. These include avenues for criminal record expungement, creating new pathways for employment, and aiding in their successful reintegration into society.

Prado Conservation Camp #28, jointly operated by CDCR and CAL FIRE, is dedicated to providing incarcerated fire crews primarily for fire suppression in San Bernardino County, while also responding to emergencies statewide. Situated in San Bernardino County just two miles south of Chino on Central Avenue, the camp commenced operations on Oct. 1, 1963. Its strategic location allows for rapid response to incidents across five different counties, offering crucial support wherever needed. In addition to firefighting, camp hand crews engage in various conservation endeavors such as fire defense enhancements, weed abatement, and enhancing public recreation areas on government properties in the vicinity.

Administratively supervised by the Sierra Conservation Center (SCC) under CDCR, Prado Camp falls under the management direction of the San Bernardino Unit of CAL FIRE. With a capacity designed for 80 male minimum custody incarcerated individuals, the camp comprises four incarcerated fire crews. Participation in the camp's program is voluntary, ensuring that no one is involuntarily assigned to a conservation camp.

Beyond its firefighting role, Prado Conservation Camp serves as a crucial mobilization center for Southern California fires. During such operations, the camp can accommodate up to 1,800 incarcerated hand crews and civilian firefighters from across California, awaiting deployment by CAL FIRE. During periods of inactivity on the firefront, camp participants are engaged in conservation projects and community services in the local area.

Prado Camp's conservation efforts encompass a range of projects, including the operation of a Mobile Kitchen Unit (MKU) capable of providing meals to all personnel involved in emergency incidents throughout the state. Additionally, the camp undertakes tasks such as:

- Corona Ponds: Removal of non-native species and general area cleanup.
- Southern Region Headquarters: Maintenance and fire hazard reduction.
- San Bernardino Unit Headquarters: Fire hazard reduction and facility maintenance.
- Yucaipa: Maintenance around fire station, weed abatement, and fuels reduction.
- California Institute Men’s Gun Range: Ground maintenance and fire threat reduction.
- Chino Hills: Park maintenance, construction, and fuels reduction.
- San Bernardino Floods: Clearing and chipping dead brush in flood channels.
- Corona Parks and Recreation: Clearing and chipping dead brush to reduce fire potential.
- Corona Airport: Tree and sapling removal in designated zones.
- Chino Hills State Park: Trail maintenance, vegetation management, and fuel break maintenance.
- Devore: Winter maintenance around fire station and fuels reduction.
- ANF FUELS: Hazard fuels reduction and maintenance at various locations.

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