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Last Updated: May 15, 2024
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Madison, WI 53703

Dane City-County Jail is for County Jail offenders sentenced up to twenty four months.

All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for County - medium facility.

The phone carrier is Global Tel Link (GTL) - ConnectNetwork, to see their rates and best-calling plans for your inmate to call you.

If you are seeking to send your inmate money for commissary, one recommended for this facility is JailATM™. There is a fee for sending money, see their rates and limitations.

If you are unsure of your inmate's location, you can search and locate your inmate by typing in their last name, first name or first initial, and/or the offender ID number to get their accurate information immediately Registered Offenders

Satellite View of Dane County Jail System - City-County Jail

You can support your loved ones at Dane City-County Jail on InmateAid, if you have any immediate questions contact the facility directly at 608-284-6100.

When someone you care about gets locked up, it's tough to figure out all the ins and outs of jail life. From sending mail to visiting, there are a lot of things to sort out. And getting info about the arrest? Not always easy. That's where this webpage comes in handy. It's here to help you get a handle on how things work here so that you can stay connected and support your loved one behind bars.

The Dane City-County Jail is a detention center located at 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Madison, WI which is operated locally by the Dane County Sheriff's Office and holds inmates awaiting trial or sentencing or both. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years. Dane County accepts inmates from surrounding towns, Madison Police Department, and the US Marshal's Service.

New detainees arrive at the jail regularly, with some being released on bail, placed under pretrial services caseloads, supervised by probation agencies, or released on recognizance with a court appearance agreement. Those who are not released await their court appearances at the jail, receiving accommodations including bedding and meals. You can see all the arrest records for Wisconsin here.

The Dane County Sheriff's Office operates three jail facilities, each serving different security needs and purposes:

City-County Building Jail facility houses maximum-security prisoners who are either awaiting trial or do not have work release privileges on their sentences.

Public Safety Building Jail is located at 115 West Doty St, this jail houses medium-security prisoners and those sentenced to jail with work release privileges. It also contains the booking facility for processing new prisoners into the jail and is the centralized location for releases from the jail facilities. All property, financial, and administrative offices are located at this facility.

William H. Ferris Center is at 2120 Rimrock Road near the Coliseum and Exposition Center, this facility houses minimum-security prisoners who are sentenced with work release privileges. It also houses the administrative office for electronic release programs.

Individuals sentenced to jail may be granted Huber release privileges by the court, allowing them to leave the jail for approved purposes such as employment, child/family care, school, or treatment. The eligibility for Huber release is influenced by the individual's criminal history and conduct within the jail. The program is governed by strict rules, requiring all activities during the release to be verified and approved by jail staff. Individuals are permitted to leave the jail solely for the approved activities, including travel time, and may be released for up to six days per week. Failure to adhere to the necessary pre-reporting steps can impact the immediate availability of Huber privileges.

Upon incarceration, individuals receive the Jail Inmate Handbook, which outlines the facility's rules, including specific regulations for those on Huber Release. Adherence to these rules is mandatory, and any infractions can lead to disciplinary actions that may compromise one's ability to maintain Huber release privileges.

Due to limited storage space in the jail, individuals are advised against bringing items like duffle bags, luggage, or electronic devices. These items must be disposed of prior to entry. The jail provides inmates with essential items such as a uniform, sandals, and hygiene products. Additional personal items can be brought in a disposable bag, subject to approval by the medical staff or jail administration. These include thermal underwear pants, shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters, pants or shorts without holes or rips, a belt with a small buckle, seasonal footwear, a seasonal jacket, winter accessories, a wristwatch, a wedding band, a backpack-type carrier if attending school, medical alert bracelet, eyeglasses, contact lenses and solution, dentures and denture adhesive, prescription medications in original containers, valid identification if seeking employment, and medically necessary equipment.

After classification and housing assignment, inmates have the option to purchase extra items from the commissary. If an inmate is indigent, basic hygiene items will be provided. Inmates must obtain permission from jail staff for additional personal property to be dropped off by family or friends during designated times.

For those interested in alternatives to traditional incarceration, such as Jail Diversion Programs, information is available through specified contact channels. This approach aims to provide options that can help integrate individuals back into the community more effectively.

Inmate Locator

To utilize the Inmate Search page on InmateAid, begin by selecting the relevant prison facility in Wisconsin. This allows you to view the current list of inmates housed at Dane County Jail System - City-County Jail.

The second section features the InmateAid Inmate Search tool, providing a user-generated database of inmates. You can access this resource to utilize any of InmateAid's services. If you require assistance in creating an inmate profile to maintain communication, please contact us at aid@inmateaid.com, and we'll gladly help you locate your loved one.

As a last resort, you might have to pay for that information if we do not have it. The Arrest Record Search will cost you a small amount, but their data is the freshest available and for that reason, they charge to access it.

Visitation Information

City-County Jail Visitation page link

Remote Video Visitation

  • $0.25 per minute
  • Set-up an account at www.gettingout.com
  • Schedule your first visit.
  • Remote Visitation available 7:45 am – 10:45 am; 12:15 pm – 2:00 pm; 5:45 pm – 9:45 pm


  • Monday through Friday - 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday - 9 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm

Dane County Jail Public Visitation Guidelines & Schedule

All residents are allowed two (2) forty-five-minute visitation slots per week. Residents are allowed 2 non-contact visits per week. Only scheduled visits will be honored. No walk-up visits are permitted. All visits require 48 hours advance sign up. Visitors must register at the following site: https://www.gtlvisitme.com/app

Visitors must be on time for their scheduled visits. Anyone arriving after their scheduled start time, regardless of the reason, will be denied.

Recommended Professional Visitation Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

Due to mandatory operational duties, please expect delays during the following times:
Daily: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM / 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM / 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM / 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM

Remote Video Visitation for Attorneys:

  • $0.25 per minute
  • Set-up an account at www.gettingout.com
  • Schedule your first visit.
  • After you have scheduled your first visit, send an email to GTLonsiterep@danesheriff.com
  • They will change your account settings to “Do Not Monitor”.
  • Remote Visitation available 7:45 am – 10:45 am; 12:15 pm – 2:00 pm; 5:45 pm – 9:45 pm

Ask The Inmate

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