Daviess County KY Detention Center

County Jail

Last Updated: May 07, 2024
3337 US Hwy 60 E, Owensboro, KY 42303

Daviess County KY Detention Center is for County Jail offenders sentenced up to twenty four months.

All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for County - medium facility.

The phone carrier is Combined Public Communications, to see their rates and best-calling plans for your inmate to call you.

If you are unsure of your inmate's location, you can search and locate your inmate by typing in their last name, first name or first initial, and/or the offender ID number to get their accurate information immediately Registered Offenders

Satellite View of Daviess County KY Detention Center

You can support your loved ones at Daviess County KY Detention Center on InmateAid, if you have any immediate questions contact the facility directly at 270-685-8466.

When someone you care about gets locked up, it's tough to figure out all the ins and outs of jail life. From sending mail to visiting, there are a lot of things to sort out. And getting info about the arrest? Not always easy. That's where this webpage comes in handy. It's here to help you get a handle on how things work at Daviess County KY Detention Center so you can stay connected and support your loved one behind bars.

The Daviess County KY Detention Center is a detention center located at 3337 US Hwy 60 E Owensboro, KY which is operated locally by the Daviess County Sheriff's Office and holds inmates awaiting trial or sentencing or both. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years. Daviess County accepts inmates from surrounding towns, Owensboro Police Department, and the US Marshal's Service.

New detainees arrive at the jail regularly, with some being released on bail, placed under pretrial services caseloads, supervised by probation agencies, or released on recognizance with a court appearance agreement. Those who are not released await their court appearances at the jail, receiving accommodations including bedding and meals. You can see all the arrest records for Kentucky here.

The Daviess County Detention Center is a full-service correctional facility offering all available alternatives to incarceration to include Pretrial Services, Home Detention, and Work Release, as well as traditional incarcerations and imprisonment for offenders either awaiting trial or sentenced with an average daily population of over 700 county, federal and state inmates.
The 24-hour facility is staffed by approximately eight-five professionally trained deputies to secure the facility while also ensuring the supervision, medical care, visitation, transportation, feeding, and other duties related to the inmates. Along with routine responsibilities, the agency has a canine team and Special Response Team. The center offers the Substance Abuse Program to male state inmates, along with other rehabilitation opportunities.
The Substance Abuse Program was developed in Daviess County and has grown throughout the state. Our counselors and staff work to give the participants the tools they need to manage their addiction and improve their decision making process in other aspects of their lives. The complex consists of several acres and buildings, most of which is surrounded by fencing and Constantine wire. The Jailer and his staff are responsible for managing all aspects of the operation to include maintenance and repairs. In an effort to develop rehabilitation, the staff supervises inmates that work in the community performing tasks approved by the Department of Corrections. Along with our great staff, the Daviess County Detention Center has many community volunteers that make many of the religious and rehabilitation programs possible for the inmates. We are always grateful for the dedication and support of our volunteers.
  1. Commissary may be ordered on kiosk under New Order tab.
    1. Orders must be placed by midnight on Sundays and Wednesdays.
    2. After placing an order, review it and the total amount due and then press Submit Order tab to complete order.
    3. Orders cannot be cancelled or changed once they are placed.
    4. There is a maximum purchase amount of $150 per order and $300 per week per inmate due to limited storage space in cells.
    5. Orders will be delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays, or once weekly if a holiday falls on a weekday.
    6. If commissary only offered once a week, the maximum purchase amount is $300.
    7. If an item ordered is out of stock, it may be substituted with an equal-valued item.
  2. Weekender Packs may be ordered by inmates on kiosk under New Order and then click on Jail Pack Sales tab.
    1. These packs will be next business day or soon after.
  3. Care Packs may be ordered by the public online only, at kellwellcommissary.com/gift-packages.
    1. Care packs will be delivered on the same schedule as other commissary orders.
  4. Hot and Cold Cart items are available at least once a week.
  5. Inmate commissary balances are available on kiosk under Transaction History tab.
  6. All non-food items have 6% sales tax included.
  7. On delivery days, inmates who placed orders need to:
    1. Line up when commissary staff arrive
    2. Present wristband upon request to ensure the product is delivered to the right person
    3. Receive order
    4. Inspect order for accuracy before opening bag.
    5. Report issues to commissary staff before the bag is opened.
  8. If issues are reported, commissary staff will:
    1. Verify if errors occurred
    2. Make necessary corrections to inmate’s account on next business day
  9. If no issues are reported and inmate opens the bag, the order will be considered correct and accepted as is.
  10. If the inmate is not present during delivery, the commissary will be held and delivered at end of day or next business day.
  11. If the inmate is released before delivery, a credit will be posted to inmate's account the next business day.
  12. Inmates in isolation for rule infraction shall not be eligible to order or receive commissary except for hygiene, mail and medical supplies.
  13. Inmates with medical conditions, such as diabetes, may be restricted from receiving items that conflict with their medical diets.
  14. Commissary that does not fit properly in cell area may be deemed excessive and may need to be discarded upon notification.
  15. Commissary cannot be returned or exchanged and all sales are final.
  16. DCDC and commissary company are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged commissary items after they are delivered to inmates.
  17. Commissary is a privilege which may be restricted, except for hygiene, mail and medical supplies.

Inmate Locator

To utilize the Inmate Search page on InmateAid, begin by selecting the relevant prison facility in Kentucky. This allows you to view the current list of inmates housed at Daviess County KY Detention Center.

The second section features the InmateAid Inmate Search tool, providing a user-generated database of inmates. You can access this resource to utilize any of InmateAid's services. If you require assistance in creating an inmate profile to maintain communication, please contact us at aid@inmateaid.com, and we'll gladly help you locate your loved one.

As a last resort, you might have to pay for that information if we do not have it. The Arrest Record Search will cost you a small amount, but their data is the freshest available and for that reason, they charge to access it.

Visitation Information

Daviess County KY Detention Center - Visitation

Visitation Schedule
BUILDING 1 (15-minute visit) DAYS TIMES TIMES
Males - General Population
Tue-Fri 08:00-10:40a and 01:00-02:40p
Sat 09:00-10:40a and 01:00-02:40p

Females - General Population
Tue-Sat 01:40-02:40p

Admin Segregation / High Risk
Mon 08:00-10:40a
Sat 01:00-02:40p and 03:30p 03:45p

BUILDING 2 (30-minute visit)
Fri 12:00-02:40p
Sat 09:00-11:00a and 01:00-08:30p

BUILDING 3 (30-minute visit)
Dorm G
Mon 06:30-07:30p
Wed 06:30-07:30p
Sun 02:00-04:00p

Dorm H (Only 15-minute visit)
Mon 06:30-07:30p
Wed 06:30-07:30p
Sun 02:00-04:00p

Dorm I
Mon 07:30-08:30p
Wed 07:30-08:30p
Sun 10:00-12:00n

Dorm J
Tue 07:30-08:30p
Thu 07:30-08:30p
Sun 12:00-02:00p

Visiting Rules

A. Information

1. Building 1 inmates may receive one 15-minute visit per week.
2. Building 2 and 3 inmates may receive one 30-minute visit per week.
3. Two persons may visit at same time and count as one visit.
4. Inmates must be assigned to a housing unit to be eligible for visits.
5. Inmates serving periodic detention must serve at least seven consecutive days to be eligible for visits.
6. Inmates will need their telephone PIN to use visitation phones.
7. No extended visits are allowed for any inmate due to time constraints.
8. Inmates need to coordinate their own visits.
9. Visitors who ask staff about an unused visit will be advised to contact inmates by telephone or mail.
10. Inmates have the option to refuse a visit if they do so before leaving their cell, in which case, the incident will not be counted as a visit.
11. All visitation telephones are recorded and conversations may be monitored for security reasons.
12. At the jailer’s discretion, visitors might be excluded from visiting an inmate if they:
a. Represent a clear and present danger to security
b. Have a history of disruptive conduct at facility
c. Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
d. Refuse to submit to a search
e. Refuse to show a proper ID
f. Violate visitation rules and regulations

B. Rules

1. Each visitor must register to visit at least 30 minutes prior to a chosen visiting period.
2. Each visitor 18 years or older needs to present a valid picture ID.
3. Cancellation of a registered visit must be in person with valid picture ID.
4. Children under 18 years old must:
a. Be accompanied by an adult during visit
b. If young child, not be left unattended by an adult
c. Must not disrupt other visits
5. Visitors may only be in booth with inmate they registered to visit.
6. No other persons shall be in booths unless they are visiting inmate they registered to visit.
7. Inmates must stay in assigned booth during visiting period.
8. Visitors need to notify staff if telephone equipment is not working to receive pre-authorization for visitor and inmate to move to another booth.
9. Visits shall be conducted in a quiet and orderly manner.
10. Cameras, phones with cameras or recording equipment are not allowed in visiting booths.
11. Clothing shall be deemed appropriate or visitor may be asked to leave and reschedule visit.
12. Sexual-type conduct is prohibited by visitors and inmates.

C. Penalties for Rules Violations

1. If adults or children do not follow the rules, the visit may be terminated and visitors may be asked to leave.
2. In some cases, visitors who violate the rules may be placed on restrictions for a period of time or indefinitely.
3. Visitors involved in major rule violations may lose visiting privileges, which will not be reinstated:
a. Smuggling / attempting to smuggle contraband in facility
b. Assisting in the planning of an escape / attempted escape
4. Inmates who violate the rules may receive disciplinary action.
5. Visitors and/or inmates may be prosecuted for criminal violations.

Ask The Inmate

Ask a former inmate questions at no charge. The inmate answering has spent considerable time in the federal prison system, state and county jails, and in a prison that was run by the private prison entity CCA. Ask your question or browse previous questions in response to comments or further questions of members of the InmateAid community.