GDC-Burruss Correctional Training Center

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Last Updated: February 23, 2024
1000 Indian Springs Dr , Forsyth, GA 31029
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PO Box 5849, Forsyth, GA 30458

BCTC is for State Juvenile offenders have not been sentenced yet and are detained here until their case is heard.

All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for State juvenile low facility.

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Satellite View of GDC-Burruss Correctional Training Center

You can support your loved ones at BCTC on InmateAid, if you have any immediate questions contact the facility directly at 478-994-7511.

The GDC-Burruss Correctional Training Center is within the jurisdiction of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice located at 1000 Indian Springs Dr , Forsyth, GA.

The facility provides supervision of youth in a safe, secure and humane environment. Services for youth include education, mental health, substance abuse, and health care. Medical and mental health are contracted services. Educational services are funded by the Georgia Department of Education through local school districts.

A typical day in secure detention would involve hygiene, meals, school, structured physical and educational activities, and court appearance as scheduled. The average length of stay in secure state detention is approximately 60 days.

Our top priority at the facility is ensuring public safety while effectively housing offenders within a safe and secure environment. We provide work and rehabilitation programs for 650 General Population offenders, offering them opportunities for growth and development. Additionally, we allocate offender labor for the maintenance and operation of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC), supporting its various needs. Furthermore, we extend our support to the Tift Campus, including Mobile Construction Services.

Our housing capacity accommodates 94 offenders sentenced as adults between the ages of 14 and 16. The housing infrastructure consists of four buildings, each subdivided into four housing units. Each unit contains 50 double-bunked cells spread across two tiers. Additionally, our facility houses a Fire Station and a Diagnostic Unit specifically for youth offenders.

Regarding work details, we have a comprehensive array of assignments aimed at providing meaningful employment opportunities for inmates. These include 24 work details at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, 6 at the Tift Campus, and various others at locations such as the City of Forsyth, Forestry, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Transportation, and more. Additionally, we oversee 5 Mobile Construction Details at Tift and Fleet.

Our facility offers a wide range of programs to support rehabilitation and personal growth among inmates. These include academic programs such as the General Education Diploma (GED), Adult Basic Education, literacy, and specialized courses like Bartlett Reading and English as a Second Language. Counseling services cover topics like family violence, motivation for change, re-entry preparation, thinking for a change, and Moral Reconation Therapy.

In terms of recreation, inmates have access to general recreational activities and wellness walks. Religious activities include various worship services, Bible study sessions, and specialized dorm programs like "New Beginnings." Vocational and on-the-job training opportunities cover areas such as custodial work, food preparation, horticulture, customer service, teacher aides, veterinary assistantship (Guide Dog Program), warehouse management, forklift operation, barbering, and food service preparation and cooking.

Overall, our facility is committed to fostering rehabilitation, education, and skill development while ensuring public safety and maintaining a secure environment. As the host facility for the West Central Integrated Treatment Facility, we play a crucial role in providing comprehensive support for offenders' needs.

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Juvenile facilities overseen by the State of Georgia do not publish the names of the offenders housed in their facility. As such, there is no public forum for this information.

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HOURS: 9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM

Saturdays, Sundays and all State Holidays

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