MASS DC - Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (LSH)

State Hospital

Last Updated: February 19, 2024
180 Morton St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

LSH is for State Hospital offenders have not been sentenced yet and are detained here until their case is heard.

All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for State - medium facility.

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Satellite View of MASS DC - Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (LSH)

You can support your loved ones at LSH on InmateAid, if you have any immediate questions contact the facility directly at 617-522-7585.

The LSH stands as a correctional facility hospital situated at 180 Morton St in Jamaica Plain, MA. Operated by the Department of Corrections, these State Hospitals serve as venues for the evaluation and treatment of inmates sentenced for such purposes. Individuals undergo assessment and treatment before any new evaluation of their stability is undertaken.

Massachusetts DOC medical facilities comprise various housing levels catering to different security needs. These levels include Level I, featuring open dormitories without a secure perimeter, Level II with open dormitories and secure perimeter fences with armed coverage, and Level III offering individual cells, fenced perimeters, and armed coverage.

The medical facilities within LSH encompass a range of specialized services, including a general acute care hospital, correctional treatment center, licensed elderly care unit, in-patient and outpatient psychiatric facilities, and a hospice unit for terminally ill inmates. Additionally, the facility provides housing and treatment for inmates identified with AIDS/HIV, along with general population and other special inmate housing.

For information regarding inmates and visiting hours, individuals may contact 617-522-7585. These facilities prioritize the health and well-being of inmates while maintaining the necessary security measures dictated by their correctional context.

The Shattuck Hospital provides a range of healthcare services, including inpatient care with 255 beds and various outpatient services such as surgical care, specialty clinics, and comprehensive imaging and laboratory services. Among its offerings are acute care, ambulatory care, and correctional healthcare, along with specialized programs like the Shattuck Hospital Shelter for Homeless Men, Living and Recovering Community (LARC), and the Community Substance Abuse Center (CSAC).

At LSH, patients receive compassionate medical and psychiatric care, supported by multidisciplinary treatment approaches aimed at promoting their health, well-being, and rehabilitation. The hospital is committed to delivering collaborative treatment and a patient-focused continuum of care, with the invaluable support of various agencies and programs within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Throughout its history, LSH has adapted to address evolving public health challenges. Initially focused on chronic diseases like polio and cancer, the hospital later prioritized pulmonary therapies and rehabilitation medicine. Today, its focus extends to addressing issues such as HIV, tuberculosis, mental health disorders, homelessness, and substance use disorder, reflecting its ongoing commitment to addressing the community's health needs.

LSH operates as a carefully structured network of services designed to address the complex physical, emotional, and social needs of its patients. With pride, the hospital assists individuals in their recovery journey from challenging medical conditions and complex life situations, particularly those facing multiple diagnoses.

  • Shattuck is relocating 260 inpatient beds and select outpatient and ancillary services such as, primary care, orthopedics, radiology and diagnostics.
  • Inpatient beds include:
    • 117 inpatient medical/surgical beds (operated by DPH)
    • 28 medical/surgical beds dedicated to DOC patients
    • 115 inpatient psychiatric beds (operated by DMH)

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