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Florence County
State Prison

As a minimum security facility, SCDC - Palmer Pre-Release Center has dormitory housing. The prisoners are classed as low level risk, and SCDC - Palmer Pre-Release Center has no perimeter fencing and a low staff-to-inmate ratio. To assist inmates in their rehabilitation, SCDC - Palmer Pre-Release Center has many work programs which enable inmates to work in local institutions.

SCDC - Palmer Pre-Release Center is a state prison. This facility is operated by the state of South Carolina and is used to house and rehabilitate criminals. Inmates at SCDC - Palmer Pre-Release Center are generally housed in locked cells during the night and are provided certain privileges such as the use of a recreation area, TV, phones and in some cases may have a job within the prison. Use the inmate search feature to find an inmate here.

Facility Details

Extra Information
This facility is for adult inmates.
SCDC - Palmer Pre-Release Center - Visitation

About Palmer Pre-Release Center:

The Center provides an environment conducive to rehabilitation through work programming, pre-release programming/training, and other relevant programs as a means of reintegrating the offender back into the community.

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