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InmateAid receives letters and emails from members all the time. We post actual, unedited words from real people that have used InmateAid. We are sharing them on the site because we are proud of what people are saying. Share your thoughts, too.

  • Hello. In need to cancel my Discount Telephone as my inmate is being released today! Please advise what I need to do in order to cancel. By the way, this service was WONDERFUL. Saved lots of $$. Thank you very much. You guys were awesome.

    Patricia G.
  • Two days ago I wrote a letter on this website to ask a question about the long distance discount telephone service. I would like to say that the response time was very quick, within minutes. It wasn't just an email either it was a phone call answering my question. Thank you very much. It is greatly appreciated. It isn't always easy for loved ones of an inmate to deal with the anxiety and difficulties of their loved ones being away. Also phone companies definitely capitalize on the situation. Even though the loved ones didn't commit a crime they are stuck paying all these high prices and having unanswered questions. Thank you Inmate Aid for helping to ease those anxieties and help the loved ones of inmates out!

    Anne K.
  • Your site is a godsend. It has so much information in one place. Thank you, thank you.

    Mary J.
  • Man you have wonderful customer service thank you very very much and I have liked you already on Facebook!! I have spread the word on Michael's FB page about you too so Have a Wonderful Weekend and again THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    Lyndee W.