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Reviewed on: August 04,2016

Can an inmate get a early release ? If he comes home on parole can he live in any state?

Asked: August 03,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Inmates get a good time credit when they begin their sentence. In almost all cases, this is 15%, meaning the offender will do 85% of their time (less halfway house which could be 1 month to 9 months). Parolees wishing to to live in out-of-state will need to get this approved by his Parole Officer, maybe the Board. Transferring out of the jurisdiction will require another agency to handle the case. It can be done, but do not expect it to be done quickly. The one determinant in these cases is employment. If he has a solid, reliable job out-of-state and can't find work where he is would help getting this done.
Accepted Answer Date Created: August 04,2016

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