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I don't know if this question falls under this category but my partner comes up for parole in May 2015 (did 12 of 15) and he wrote one half-way house and did not receive a response. Do you have a list of possible Residential Rentry Centers within the State of Texas as well as in the state of Florida that can be reviewed and contacted. Thank you very very much!

Asked: March 04,2015
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The halfway house is selected by the prison bureau.  The parole officers are normally assigned to the jurisdiction where you live. The parole officer will be in close contact making sure the integration back into society is smooth. The best source of information will be his current counselor or case manager. They have all of the pertinent information as to where your partner will be assigned. For him to get a halfway house in another state he is going to have to petition the court where he was sentenced to get permission. That will include finding a parole officer who is willing to take on an out-of-state case
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