Reviewed on: April 17,2016

My spouse is being held without proper clothing, can I bring him clothes?

My spouse was arrested for domestic violence against me although I didnt call the cops nor do I want to press charges. Actually, I was the primary aggressor but b/c he is male and has a lengthy criminal record including prior dv's, he got arrested and i got to stay home. Anyhow, he hid from the police and was only wearing shorts at the time of his arrest, they would not allow him to get clothes b/c he hid from them. Now he is going to be in a holding cell all weekend (MADISON HTS, MI) and he has been calling me telling me that his fingers and toes are numb, he cannot sleep, and to make it worse he is in withdrawal from heroin. My question is is it even worth it for me to try to come bring him clothes? He has been there for 24 hours and has to wait another 48+ before they transfer him to county and is wearing no underwear, no shirt, no socks, just shorts. Should I bring him clothing and if they wont accept it at the police station how do I complain or grieve?

Asked: April 16, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
You can take the clothes in a bag and drop them off. Unfortunately, his needs are immediate and unless you approach the holding police with humility and respect, they will not give the clothes to him, they are not required to be nice, just to detain him and feed him.
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