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Reviewed on: October 28,2018

Do inmates at three lakes valley conservation camp have access to FB or internet? Can my iate send a message to me on FB?

Asked: October 27,2018
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No, they are not allowed access to the internet but that doesnt mean they dont have access.Many inmates get smuggled smartphones into their facility. For a concervation camp, the security is minimal and it is very possible that could aquire access if they have someone help them (like a guard or visitor)

Accepted Answer Date Created: October 28,2018

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Hello, I have a brother in a Georgia state prison who came home on parole 11/02/2013 from doing ten out of fifteen years,. He then caught a case 9/17/ 2016 and was sentenced to 20 years. My question to you is as follows... Incarceration details: aggravated assault peace offcr
Not sure what you're asking, but the information you provided tells me that this new 20 year bid is not changing to anything less.
How can you find out if the institution that your inmate is at can receive video visitition or email visitation. Any suggestions? How do I find out if a my inmate has received my my letters, pics and post cards, if they were sent through the inmate aid online service??? Any insight would be helpful. Thank you and god bless!!!
you should call the unit secretary where your inmate is incarcerated. they are usually very helpful. just be polite and humble, it'll go a long way to getting the information you seek. InmateAid has been doing this for millions of users every month since 2012. You can trust them to get your pictures and letters through to the inmate.
When your inmate is released from prison, do they always get sent back to the county in which they were originally arrested and convicted in? If not, what circumstances and situations would make it where they could be released to another county, under a different jurisdiction?? And is this a common thing to occur or not?
It can and does happen, but the original county makes that decision. the released needs a stable job, place to live with a safe setting. Also, there will be a new PO assigned if that transfer is granted