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Reviewed on: July 02,2021

Do the inmates have to be registered for inmate aid or pay a fee and how do they know that they are receiving inmate aid will they notify them when they get a postcard

Asked: June 13,2021
Ask the inmate answer

Inmates do not register on InmateAid. InmateAid is a "service for you to aid them"... All of our mail is processed by a fulfillment house that prints and mails the details of your order to the inmate you select. Your Account Dashboard keeps track of all the correspondence, calling minutes, magazine orders, everything you can think of that might make your inmate's day a little better. You can set up a Holiday Package that reminds you to say "hi" during the loneliest times for an inmate. You can send selfies in seconds on a postcard or a 4" x 6" high gloss photo printed to the edge. You send them magazines, books, continuing education literature... reading is a great escape for inmates, no pun intended :)

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 14,2021

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