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Reviewed on: January 27,2016

What reentry or rehabilitation programs are inmates given?

I have a family member who has been at the Williamson County Jail for 45 days on a 5th degree charge. He'll be released this week. I started doing some research on rehabilitation after reading that a public official from another county stated that in Texas we don't rehabilitate, we punish. So if you kick your dog for messing up the rugs, will the dog stop? Eventually, probably. So what kind of dog do you have then? I would like to ask the inmates what kind of rehabilitation they are receiving and is it a scheduling ongoing practice. It would be helpful if the inmates were from different prisons as I need to show comparisons. I thank you for this opportunity.

Asked: January 25,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The issue with your particular question is that 45 days is not enough time to effectively implement a rehabilitation plan that has any reasonable expectation of success. Addressing that "public official's" statement, there are too many politicians that take the position of being "tough on crime" without addressing social issues that supersede their need for reelection. They are not considering the recidivism rates, the impact of an offender's family especially their children, or the lack of opportunities available for a convicted felon in the workplace. Our position is that inmates need a reason to hope. Hope that when they are released they can make a living without thinking about crime. If we are to win this battle, we will need to provide inmates education resources and vocational training that will give them hope when they are released. Inmates have a lot of idle time, if that time is used to re-program their thinking, give them skills they never had - we think the byproduct will be hope.
Accepted Answer Date Created: January 26,2016

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