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Reviewed on: June 22,2017

Does InmateAid work digitally or through USPS

does your letter service use regular USPS mail or is it transferred digitally? how does one send an inmate books to MCCF?

Asked: June 06,2017
Ask the inmate answer

Our letters and photos service is mailed through the USPS. Folks like the convenience of taking a picture at a family event and sharing it with your inmate within a couple days. Inmates will tell you they get a lot of promises of pictures from family gatherings but we on the outside sometimes get busy and forget. Don't be that guy. Ours is convenient, reliable and super-easy to use.

Books are the great escape for inmates. Sending some to an inmate there is a hard and fast rule - the books must come from the publisher. Not a book store, not an individual. We partner with Amazon, the largest in the world to fulfill your orders. No publisher is more trusted. You have to purchase from Amazon, not one of their third-party affiliates.

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 07,2017

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