Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Honestly.... Please hold nothing back. Do you think domestic violence abusers can truly change? Also, when sentenced let's say 15 years for the crime... Are they more angry or not upon release?

Asked: April 21,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Anyone can change, but as you know it has to be something they truly want to do. It will not be an easy task for him. Inmates that receive a 15 year sentence are not first-time offenders. Therefore, our opinion is based on general knowledge and not of this specific situation. The first year or two of incarceration will be very difficult for him. The anger that is in the domestic violence offender's psyche usually runs deep and they are not likely to take the blame for a very long time - if ever. We suspect that there was a serial pattern of abuse until the judge decided for the safety of those he was in contact with, 15 years was the sentence. It's a dubious sign.  If he can get counselling and wants to come out a better person, then there is a chance. We would tell you that there needs to be healing for the victim too, and not just from physical injury but from the dependency that is allowing them to keep coming back. You cannot take the blame, you can forgive but you need to move on with your life and find a better situation for yourself and the people you love. You might think you love him and that he will come out a changed person, but that will not allow for your own personal growth. You have to grow without guilt or remorse. It is him that needs to figure out his problems and better himself.  We predict that he will communicate with you, promising the world, apologizing and asking for forgiveness. This is the only form of control he has now, pleading with you to allow him contact and remain in your life through this long period of incarceration. If you allow this, you will not grow. This is a time in your life where the justice system is protecting you and you need to take advantage of this opportunity and get a fresh start.
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