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My fiance was sentenced to 4 months for his second DUI (last was an aggravated DUI). I'm trying to prepare him for what awaits him upon his release. He seems to think he's going to be able to "have a few" brews when he gets out and I'm trying to patiently prepare him for the reality of his situation. Any programs or assistance you can provide on release assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Asked: May 27, 2013
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Two DUIs is enough proof that his drinking is way beyond troubling. If a former inmate does ANYTHING after release, the sentence is harsher, the custody level heightened and the future bleaker. ANYTHING!! Its a total straight line or they are sent back - He will be on probation or supervised released which might include unscheduled breathalyzer and/or blood testing as the terms will surely prohibit drinking during this period. He has to be able to look in the mirror and be honest with himself. Be open-minded to change and be willing to get feedback from loved ones. The fear here is that the sentence is so short that the impact won't be a deterrent where repeating the mistake is a real possibility.
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