Reviewed on: April 22,2016

Does county time count as time off your state sentence?

How soon can you get out for doing the extra classes? and do they take into account the time you served when you are in county jail waiting for a trial? Because then they were offering a plea bargain, but that should not stop the time that's already been served. So how do you get them to take that into consideration when they're calculating time already served.? The county jail says that it's up to the state to fix any wrong determinations, and to look it up and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted. How often do they make adjustments? And how many adjustments do they consider? Is there a law that says they have to taken into consideration? because the county time service should be added to the state time served. Who do I talk to about this?

Asked: November 18,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Extra classes DO NOT give sentence reductions unless they are written into State law. County jail time IS definitely considered "time served" and is credited as time on any sentence imposed. The calculations absolutely take all time in custody against any term, even if the offender is only kept for an hour, it counts as one day. The county jail personnel is correct, that this adjustment is up to the state prison staff to apply time from county to the state sentencing calculations. We would recommend calling the Administration offices of the state correctional system to get your answers - there is a chance that it is already figured into the release date.
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