Reviewed on: April 11,2016

My son was at Gurney and was transferred to Byrd, why would that happen?

My son was at Gurney not even a week and was transferred to Byrd. This is his first time in TDCJ and he has a very long sentence. Is it possible for him to request a facility closer to home, I have a brain condition and it is hard for me to travel far? Also how safe is Byrd? I read it was a G1 and G2 but most of the inmates are capital murders? is the information I read about that wrong?

Asked: April 09,2016
Ask the inmate answer
In the TDCJ, Byrd and Gurney are similar institutions. There are various potential reason why your son was moved within the first week. There might be a program at Gurney that was not available at Byrd. There might be an issue where another inmate is related in some way to your son's case and they have to keep them separated. We don't think there is anything to be overly concerned with regarding the quick move. To get a transfer, the offender wishing to move must serve at least nine months with no incident reports to be considered.
Accepted Answer Date Created: April 10,2016

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