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Reviewed on: January 20,2016

How can an inmate get transferred closer to home?

My husband is in a NC prison that is an 9 hour drive one way from where we live, he has asked for a transfer many times for different reasons over the past 3 years and has yet to be transferred. He only has a year and 9 months left is there anything we can do to encourage a transfer or what are some options for us?

Asked: December 29,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Inmate Transfer has a couple of components that require compliance on the part of the inmate. We would not know if he is in good standing with zero incident reports or not. If the security level that he is in (and designated to) is different than the institution he wants to be moved to then it may never happen. It is our experience that any pressure exerted from the outside creates more pressure on the inmate inside. The staff normally does their job, following strict government manuals that dictate what they can or cannot do. IN the case of transfer, there are guidelines that they follow. If your husband is eligible, we would think that when something opens up, he will be granted that move.
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 30,2015

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