Reviewed on: April 13,2016

My inmate is not writing me as much as I am him, what am I doing wrong?

I need sum help trying to understand my fiance he tells me he loves me and misses me very much. But he dont write me i maybe get 4 letters a month. I flood him w/letters,postcards, thats all we have between us right now. Hes in the shu at the moment. As of now i cant see him only cause he got transfer far away from me its been 4 long months. I would think he would write me a lil more but he dont so im mad about it n told him im not gonna write him until i get a letter from him. Its been 3 weeks since i heard frm him. I dont get it hes in the shu hes got nothing but time on his hands. I feel hes bs in me giving me bs how he misses me, love me. We been together for 2 years 9 months. I write him 2 times a day every other day since we been together clearly he knows i love him miss him, im loyal to him. I jus dont understand why he dont write me like really im thinking he just dont care like he says he does. I just dont understand him this shit is hard for me to deal with and he knows it and to me he dont care. He knows how i feel. I dont know if anyone can help me w/sum advice i b most appreciated thank u

Asked: March 11,2016
Ask the inmate answer
This is not unusual. You are questioning yourself but if what you say is true, there is no excuse for him not writing you. The SHU is mostly 24 hour/day lockdown, PLUS the SHU inmates get writing material AND stamps if they ask. You are going to have a rocky nine year stretch with this emotional toil of second-guessing. You have some tough decisions ahead. Whatever you do, make sure you think it through and don't do anything in anger.
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