Reviewed on: January 20,2016

Why is the sentence for my inmate so long?

he got 18 months as a felon for credit card abuse. two charges. 1 for a coke and 2 for purchases at Walmart. totaling $186.00 for both purchases. He admitted to the charges, was scared and signed his life away. I am his grandmother. Is there anything I can do?I have read Texas law up to $1500.00 is a misdemeanor.I feel the charge is excessive. He has been transferred to Hutchins State penitentiary in Dallas before Christmas and he still is on the no visitor list. He is a small guy, a very kind kid. He had a Arianism at 8 years old and can't talk when he gets nervous. He has always been bullied. I am so worried. Please help me if you can.H

Asked: January 02,2016
Ask the inmate answer
There is not a lot that can be done post-conviction. When an offender signs a plea deal, they are also signing away the right to an appeal. If he had any prior criminal history, this would have some bearing on the length of his sentence. The dollar amount of the crime and the length of the sentence seem excessive to us, too. But, if there are other circumstances that you (we) are not aware of there might be more to the story which would be the reason of the sentence being 18 months.
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