Reviewed on: October 07,2015

How do I obtain a recent copy of the ADC (Arizona) commissary list and prices. I've been to their webpage and they have a list of commissary items and the number of items each inmate can have by Phase. However, I would like a current price list. I would like to have this information to help me budget. I'm currently sending him $100 per month. I realize he had some "up front" expenses with just being moved to his facility, but I would like to know the costs of such items so I can help set aside funds as necessary.

Asked: March 26,2013
Ask the inmate answer
We do not have a current copy of the ADC commissary list. There are some current commissary lists that we have listed for the federal prisons which include the prices. You should access these examples and consider them very accurate because the prices are not that different as the prisons buy their goods from one or two suppliers. There is a standardization that creates a “resale pricing guide” to fit an inmate’s budget constriction. The first month is the most difficult as there are hygiene and clothing items that are priorities.
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