Reviewed on: October 07,2015

How much money would Securus be receiving from the calls being made from my immate to me? If I pay for InmateAid service and receive the local number, will Securus still charge the standard fee I'm already paying on the line we are currently using? I am paying $15 for 15 minutes right now. Every call I get asks if I'd like to charge that $15 to my card or choose not to take the call. Would that recording for the $15 bypass the InmateAid service and still charge me $15 to accept even though I am also paying InmateAid?

Asked: July 18,2015
Ask the inmate answer
You will have to always pay Securus as they are the company that has the contract where your inmate is incarcerated. In the majority of cases we can get you a number that will bring this $15 call to about $3 but to be 100% certain, we would want to know the name of the facility and your telephone number. We would then direct you to set up a Securus account with the number we provision. The money on that account will serve as a "bank" to deduct from (at $3.00 each) when your inmate calls. You pay InmateAid $19.95/mo for the line and Securus $3.00 per call. If you are saving $12.00 per call, our service is paid for from the savings. If you talk every day - save $12 x 30 days, you save $360 minus the $19.95 you pay InmateAid. If your inmate gets moved, we will get you a new number for that facility within an hour - no charge.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 19,2015

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