Reviewed on: February 13,2016

How does the discount phone service work?

my x helped me get this service to be able to talk to my son and the x said my son has some number he uses when he calls his father using this same service . my question is how do I find the number so my son has it to save money on his calls ?

Asked: February 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer
What your ex got from us is a telephone number that makes the calls from your inmate less expensive. We are not replacing the service at the jail, you still pay them for the calls but with our number the calls through their service is generally about $4-5 per call cheaper. The cost of our service includes the number and forwarding minutes of the call to the line that you provide. It does not affect your current number. The savings vary in every situation. Send us your telephone number and the name of the facility and we will give you an honest estimate prior to signing up.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 14,2016

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