Reviewed on: July 19,2017

How much time do I get off for RDAP

I'm at FPC Phoenix women's minimum. Got transferred there from FMC CARSWELL FPC, two weeks ago, for RDAP. Does Phoenix FPC give 1 year off my sentence for RDAP, plus my two point reduction time? I heard they don't give a year off for RDAP, and it's at their discretion, to give the 2 point reduction, also. Is this true? If so, then I'm not going to take RDAP.

Asked: January 21,2015
Ask the inmate answer

The sentence reduction does NOT come from the facility RDAP program level whatsoever, the reduction is determined administratively from Texas. Your reduction will be considered off of their assessment of how your PSR is written and specifically the nature of your crime. If there was violence, a weapon or endangerment of another person included in this Report, it is most unlikely that you get any time off. You will know in writing if you are accepted for the reduction or if you have been denied. If you are in a class now, we would recommend staying in there until the notice from Texas is received so you do not lose the time you've already spent - learning the "8 Positive Attitudes " , Roadblocks to Success" and the rest of the program subtitles. Your case manager and the RDAP director will know when there is a decision handed down.   If your record is clean of these issues, then you will get a reduction. If your sentence is longer than 27 months, the reduction is 12 months plus a guaranteed 6 months of halfway house. The 2-Point reduction is a retroactive change to the Sentencing Guidelines - you will have to fill out an application for consideration but if you fit within the guidelines when you were sentenced to receive these changes, you will get the time off.

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