Reviewed on: October 07,2015

how often do inmates get their mail? also, if i sent the mail to a department close to the detention center but not the exact detention center, will they still receive the mail?

Asked: January 27,2014
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Inmates receive mail Monday through Friday usually handed out at mail call between 4-6pm. It is the responsibility of the letter writer to set up the inmate profile with the correct address and inmate number. The main reason we get letters returned is the Inmate ID is missing or the facility is wrong. We will let you know if the letter comes back and give you some options as to what we can do to re-send it.
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you have an edit but what about if I'm about to pay and I need to edit the address and add inmate number there's nothing .
Our policy is to ensure the mail gets there without having to pay more than once. Sometimes it's the User error, sometimes it's the inmate search error and others it is the facility mail room. Regardless, we will get it right at no further cost to you. If you would like to call or email before you send it we would be happy to help.