Reviewed on: January 04,2016

I have a friend who was just arrested named Sharaad R Latson. He is being held at Lehigh County Jail according to news articles but when I do any inmate search his name comes back as no records found. I believe it might be cuz it's a recent thing and his trial probably hasn't happened yet but I would still like to write to him if possible. I'm not familiar with the rules so he may not even be allowed to get mail until permanently placed. I'm lost and need help. Please!!

Asked: October 29,2015
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Inmates are allowed to receive mail. Mail is considered sacred in a prison, detention center or jail. Only high risk terror-crime convicts have mail restrictions. He is in the Lehigh County Jail you can and should [write him]( You have set up an Inmate Profile page to use our services. Login into your account and you will see your inmate there synced to all of the services you may use to stay connected.
Accepted Answer Date Created: October 30,2015

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