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Reviewed on: December 14,2020

I have read reviews about this site after I purchased letter and pictures to be sent and there is alot of mixed reviews. How do I know my inmate is getting what I supposedly have sent?

Asked: December 09,2020
Ask the inmate answer

We have been in business since 2012 serving over one million families of inmates every month. Comparatively, we have a very small percentage of people that complain. Of those that do, we try our very best to make them happy. If you read carefully, it usually has to do with the phone service where they do not READ that this is not a replacement for the service at the jail or prison, but a service that makes their service to your inmate cheaper with a different phone number. The mail is done by machine and is sent out via USPS every day. If you have the correct facility, your mail will get there... since 2012 :).

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 10,2020

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