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Reviewed on: June 15,2016

I was convicted of a white collar crime and have never been in trouble would I not be eligible for camp ?

I am to report to FCI Aliceville soon, which is extremely far from home. And is also in the middle of nowhere and difficult to access. I noticed other facilities have programs similar to a hospitality house, or ways to assist with transportation from airport, bus, or train station. Is there anything like this in Aliceville ? It seems that since the facility is new I can't find much information. I was also curious as to how you know whether you're going to the camp or the low security ? I was convicted of a white collar crime and have never been in trouble but my letter says FCI? Why would I not be eligible for camp ?

Asked: June 15,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The designation FCI does not mean that you are not going to the camp. The actual description is FCI Aliceville Satellite Camp. The camp is minimum security and is generally for non-violent offenders sentenced to no more than 120 months. Inmates may start out in the FCI Low but after eighteen months may transfer with good behavior. The BOP makes their own custody determinations free of any outside influence, including judges. Our guess is that unless there is something in your Pre-Sentence Report that flags you as a risk, then you will likely go to the camp.
Accepted Answer Date Created: June 16,2016

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