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Sentenced to 33 months, what will happened?

I have been sentenced to 33 months in a white collar crime. I have been assigned to FMC in Lexington. There is also a satellite camp there, but it appears I am in the medical facility. How does that differ from other institutions? I have to report on August 1st. Also, what are the chances I can get home release if I have a job guaranteed? If I would qualify how long would it be before I could be considered, if at all? What will my sentence actually amount to in the end? Sorry for all the questions, just so confused. I luckily have the support of family and good friends.

Asked: June 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer

No problem, questions like yours are why we are here. The FMC Lexington is a medical facility which basically can handle long term care inmates. If you are designated for the FMC and there are no medical issues, you are probably headed for the satellite camp. Either place, 85% of the 33 month sentence must be served. The halfway house and home confinement privileges are not factored in the beginning of your commitment. We are estimating that you will have a sentence of approximately 28 months. If you are lucky, they will give you six months of halfway house. This would have you leaving in 22 months. Once you get to the halfway house, your main goal there is to get a job. With an approved job and stable home environment, you can get home confinement within 2-3 weeks. Home confinement means you wear a bracelet and report in twice per day, get middle-of-the-night phone calls checking to see that you are ther, and random drug testing - all until your halfway house commitment is complete.

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