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Reviewed on: September 23,2021

I was just convicted and start in Marion on the 28th of September. Tax crime. I have read as much as I can. I though I would ask someone with wisdom and experience, if they have any advice for me.

Asked: September 17,2021
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Depending on your bid, you're going to have to search for the "cure for boredom" as it fits you. Reading was my thing, it's partly why this website exists. You have to get yourself into a routine. And not get yourself jammed up in any inmate nonsense. You will make friends and exist partly because of that comradery. But, do NOT and never share tales of your crime, your sentence, any co-defendant with anyone while locked up. "Anything you say can and will be used against you" is also fitting while dealing with inmates. Remember who they are and offering things about your life, your friends can open up problems for them on the outside. Believe me, silence is golden. Also, "disrespect" is a biggie. Cutting in line, reaching over someone in the chow hall, sitting on another inmate's bunk, listening to others' conversations... all major disrespects that can cause you immediate problems. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 18,2021

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