Reviewed on: February 08,2016

If you violate while in halfway house what penalty do you face?

I have a friend who was released from prison to a halfway house. He then took off to his girlfriends and then was captured and put in a local county jail just recently. Can someone give me advice on what he may be looking at? Such as, will he go back to state prison on escape charges? I am pretty sure he was on drugs and they may have found some on him when they caught him as well? Any advice would be appreciated. The prison won't tell me anything. He is in some ICE unit? Thanks in advance. Have a blessed day!

Asked: February 08,2016
Ask the inmate answer
When an offender is released to halfway house, they are still "property" of the state until that period of re-entry is complete. Halfway house is a privilege and probably came with some good time credits which allowed them released several months before the sentence ended. This violation might cause your friend to have to complete the entire sentence "inside". It is unlikely that the offender will get extra time as the "escape" would have to be more egregious. Running where he could be found is hardly escaping. Expect him to finish out his entire sentence somewhere a bit uncomfortable.
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