Reviewed on: October 07,2015

If I add the discount phone service, do I still need to add money to the securus tech account as well?

Asked: April 10,2014
Ask the inmate answer
Yes, Securus will always get something for connecting the calls from the prison, they have the contract to tape record the calls and can charge higher rates than normal because there is no competition to push prices lower. Your decision to use us is based on how much calling you will do. We estimate there is a savings of $5 to $15 per call, with 10 or more calls per month, the savings more than pay for the $19.95 service fee. Please do the math, if it works out to save you money then its a service worth having. There are no contracts, we get the local number for you within an hour of signing up.
Accepted Answer Date Created: April 11,2014

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