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How do I send money to an inmates account ? Where can I get a list of commissary items? My friend is at Raleigh State Correctional Facility for Women. I can't afford nor can she online communication so I will continue to write as I did when she was still in our county jail , I'd like to know how she gets paper , pencils,stamps & envelopes? Thank you for your time & this great service! Sincerely, Carol Garrett

Asked: December 30, 2014
Ask the inmate answer
Thank you for the kind words. If she does not have money to get writing material to send letters, the prison has a program for indigent inmates. They supply the paper, pencil, stamps and envelopes. Commissary is available to inmates, once a week. If your inmate has a job in the prison, they get paid a nominal amount that may be used to purchase items at the commissary.  Inmates receive an incentive wage in the amount of $.40, $.70, or $1 per day, depending on the job they hold. These wages are deposited into their trust fund account each week. Inmates can receive money from family members and/or friends only in the form of a money order, cashiers check, or certifi ed check. These monies must be mailed through the post offi ce to the prison where the inmate is housed. When these monies are received at the prison facility, they are deposited into the inmate’s individual trust fund account. Inmate wages from job assignments at the prison, Enterprise, and construction jobs are deposited electronically into the inmate’s account each week. All facilities operate a commissary or a cashless canteen for inmates to purchase items such as hygiene items, snack foods, soft drinks, watches, radios, stamps, etc. Inmates are not allowed to have cash or coins on their person but may spend up to $40 each week from their trust fund account for personal use using the cashless canteen. Prisons will provide basic hygiene items for inmates who do not have the monies to purchase them.
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