Reviewed on: October 07,2015

If I used Infinity phone service can I still receive phone calls from an inmate that's in Lowndes County jail in Valdosta

Asked: November 14,2014
Ask the inmate answer
You will have to use Infinity to receive calls from your inmate. They have the contract, they are the company that Lowndes County Jail in Valdosta GA uses to tape record the call and to share revenue income from inmate calling with. The only way to save money is if your inmate is calling you long distance where the calls are costing $5-15 each. The local calls cost less than $2. InmateAid will get you a local line to use with Infinity. Depending on how often you are going to talk, the $20 service fee to InmateAid is usually covered within the first few calls in the savings that you get for going local. If you are already local, we cannot save you money and will not issue a local number where one exists. You can do this yourself online, or for assistance - email us at or call Monday through Friday 866-966-7100
Accepted Answer Date Created: November 15,2014

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