Reviewed on: May 22,2016

Can the inmates buy cigarettes in the Commissary?

Can the inmates buy cigarettes in the Commissary? How would an inmate know if someone put money on their account? My daughter was recently arrested and is now in the Rio Grande Detention Center and we have not heard from her since she got there. I also sent her a post card from their website. Is there a multi-media room for inmates to find mail? How would she know she has mail. This is just so hard :( Thanks in advance for your help Also can I obtain a commissary sheet from her jail?

Asked: May 20, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
No cigarettes allowed anywhere on the property. Cigarettes are considered contraband and possessing them subject the inmate to some form of punishment, usually in the form of a loss of privileges. Cigarettes are smuggled into all of the facilities and there is a barter system in place that is pays for it. This is NOT heavily scrutinized by the staff. The mail is handed out by the staff Monday - Friday after they have read and inspected every piece. The staff will notify the inmates with receipt of money into their trust account.
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