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I'm getting ready to be sentenced to prison for 40 months. I'm minimum custody. How do I get into the Wichita work release program in kansas.

Asked: September 27,2015
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Minimum custody prison is similar to army barracks living. There are normally no fences and the un-prison-like setting there is almost surreal considering you are serving a sentence. For this "benefit" there is an understanding that the prospect of being transferred to a "real prison" for breaking the rules exists and creates a calmer experience among the inmates than other situations in higher custody level facilities might have.  Forty months is no joke, but being in a camp versus a walled prison is going to make your time a lot easier. Be mindful that there will be inmates who are working their way down from long sentences and are used to a more hardened existence - this might create challenges for inmates who have never had to do "hard time".  Always be respectful to the other inmates and never forget that you are in prison. One slip up and you could be moved somewhere that you will probably not like. Since you are already in the camp setting there are going to be many opportunities for work off the premises. But there will likely be a few months where you will have to do kitchen detail or orderly duties to start. Once you are integrated into the flow of how things work, you will be able to apply for the better work assignments. Work release is a reward, not a privilege. You have to maintain a clear conduct record, no incident reports and always complete whatever programming your counselor or case manager recommend. The "voluntary compliance" without issue will put you in good stead with those that are making decisions on work assignments.
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