Reviewed on: September 20,2016

Hi, my husband is in Dueul Vocational Institute in Tracy,Ca now there is a bill that's might pass on November 2016 called the Public Safety (its an enhancement for the second strikers non violent offenders) when this law goes thru how long will it be before the inmate gets to see this in effect? My husband was sentenced to sixteen months- doubled on second striker law, he went in on june 16 to county jail, then to DVI on Aug 11 2016 where do they start the time from? county or state? and the double time could be dropped leaving 8 months which is ???? also state time from Aug to Sept (so far) is 1 day served = 2 day credit which is?? hes already served his time then, so when is it that will release him legally?

Asked: September 18,2016
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Let's pretend that the Bill passes. It will not go into effect until late next year if it is not held up politically. Then the State will produce a document that will outline how the Bill will work and who exactly may benefit from it. Then the inmates that think they fit within the parameters of this law's guidelines will make their application. The application is reviewed and he is accepted. He goes back to his original sentence that is sixteen months. There is no program where you get 2 days credit for 1 day served in state prison. In California, 85% of an offender's sentence must be served. 85% of 16 months is 13.6 months. We would advise looking at this realistically. There are always rumors and stories about laws changing to shorten sentences. It gives the inmates stuff to talk about and hope. The only law changes that have benefited the incarcerated are federal drug sentencing guideline changes. This is a state sentence that follows California law. The likelihood that he will get released earlier than the release date is remote.
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