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Reviewed on: July 16,2019

Is being in the SMART program like being in jail or SAFP?

Asked: July 11,2019
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, SMART (Stress Management and Rehabilitation Training) is a prison-based program designed to teach inmates how to manage their stress, aggression, and trauma, building a foundation for a new life. The SMART objective is to make a life-transforming difference in the lives of all people within the criminal justice system, by teaching skills for reducing stress, healing trauma, and providing practical knowledge of how to handle one’s emotions, live to one’s highest potential and contribute to society.

SMART aims to reduce offender recidivism and end the repeated cycle of violence and abuse. Without tools to process past trauma and present stresses, incarcerated individuals often cope with their negative emotions such as anger, guilt, mistrust, and frustration with unhealthy behaviors and attitudes- including violence, addiction, apathy or lethargy. The SMART program offers practical methods for participants to transform these negative emotions for true rehabilitation and develop the core human values innate in all human beings, such as service to others and compassion.

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