Reviewed on: January 08,2016

my husband was moved to centinella state prison from fire camp for a serious rule violation. Under the influence/intoxication. I realize that he probably has no privileges or program. To my understanding he is awaiting being moved to chino for his hearing. How long does this process take. He did have only 35 days until his release date. How much time will he get for the violation? when we he be able to use the phone? Thank you concerned wife

Asked: December 30, 2015
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He will most likely have his privileges cut to the bare minimum (no phone, no commissary and no visits), but if he did not commit a chargeable felony like DUI, it is more than likely he will not get additional time other than the full amount of his sentence. Meaning, if the good time credits he earned are included in this 35 day out-date, he will serve the time that was "good time" which is still a part of the original sentence. The process for a disciplinary hearing is normally within a short period of time from the offense. He will know his fate soon enough. The real question he needs to answer is, with a month left in his sentence, what was he thinking?!?!?!? Getting drunk while ALMOST out the door??? Not very smart...
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