Reviewed on: January 05,2019


IS InmateAID PHONE SERVICE A GIMMICK??? I purchased a package with 1000 minutes. My son has the number to call and it didn't work. I ask this for the second time. Oddly enough I don't see my previous post.

Asked: January 04,2019
Ask the inmate answer

(we answered you directly earlier today via email.) this isn't a gimmick, it's just smart. we aren't replacing the phone carrier or suggesting we do. The InmateAid phone line is matched to the lowest tariff where your inmate is incarcerated. You still fund the account as there is only one way to get calls, and it's through a monopoly carrier that set the rates without a competitor. For instance, a call from your inmate may now cost $6.00 per 15-minutes, if there is a lower rate, we get you a number that will get it. If there are no savings, we do not issue a number. The cost of the service is completely negated by the new savings in about 3-7 calls (depending on the facility). 

Accepted Answer Date Created: January 05,2019