Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My loved one is in McCreary Satellite Camp. I would like to ascertain if your cheaper phone service is offered there? Not really understanding how this works but I think I'm hearing a person (ME) can receive a local number and when he phones me it will save him money or does this have anything to do with his minutes. How many minutes does he get and does he have unlimited phone access meaning he can phone whenever he want and how many times he wants? Please tell how this works where he is?

Asked: December 18,2014
Ask the inmate answer
It is unfortunate, but we cannot get you a number for Pine Knot, KY.  It is very rare, but this rural area does not share their local lines with any outside carrier. If we can't get the line, they can only be procured by going there and getting a local cell phone. The federal system is the same throughout the country. The inmates create their own calling list on a closed computer system within the BOP. All inmates get 300 minutes per month except for November and December when they get 400 minutes. Inmates may call from 6:00am until 9:30pm - seven days a week. The calls are either 6 cents per minute (local call) or 21 cents per minute (long distance call) there is nothing in between. Inmates must have money in their TruLinks account to pay for their outbound calls which may be funded through Western Union.
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