Reviewed on: August 22,2016

Is Saguaro Correctional Center a medium security prison? How can i visit an inmate there? Do they allow contact and how long are visitation hours?

Asked: August 10,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Saguaro Correctional Center (SCC) is a multi-level security facility owned by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). SCC is not a local, state or federal institution. It is a correctional facility for Hawaiian State inmates. Visitation for general population inmates will take place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Wednesday is reserved for Special Management Inmates (Segregation, SHIP and P.C.) If you wish to visit, it is your inmate's responsibility to meet with their Unit Team and have you approved. If you are not on their approved visitation list, you will not be allowed into the facility. The visitation length will vary due to crowdedness. It ranges from an hour to three-four hours.
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