Reviewed on: August 23,2016

what federal prisons can the imates purchase those tablets to where they can download music check emails etc. also what federal prisons are able to allow inmates to do the video visitation where loved ones can sit at home when unable to go visit them, how much does it cost. been told it costs $10-15 per 30 minutes and you have to be on their vistor list in order to do so. please help me is this true what is the process to do this

Asked: July 25,2016
Ask the inmate answer
We are not 100% sure about the level this tablet pilot program is. We know that it's experimental but not available everywhere. There is no video visitation that we know of in federal. The email program is called Corrlinks, it is available at all institution in the BOP. It is a "closed email environment", where the email are on a 2-3 hour delay as they are screened for content.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 26,2016

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