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Reviewed on: February 10,2016

Is there a difference for inmates in the fire conservation camps as for inmates in prison?

Is it the same for inmates in fire conservation camps as for inmates in prison. Can the inmates in fire camp buy there own calling cards and stamps??? And make calls when they want??

Asked: February 10,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The fire conservation camp inmates are lower security rated inmates that are given the privilege of working outside the walls of a standard prison. Their custody level is "minimum" which means there are no fences and very liberal incarceration methods. But, they are still inmates of the State and must not violate the trust that this custody level affords them. They have commissary to buy the essentials and extras that are on the list of available items. They may call during the times that they are allotted, but it's pretty liberal.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 11,2016

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