Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My spouse is at McLennan County Hwy 6 (Waco) area code 254. I use the google voice and have him call a long distance number in Las Vegas (area code 702) that is transferred to my phone (that originates from Austin TX - area code 512). Needless to say I am looking for a more cost effective way to speak to my husband without "breaking the bank" so to speak. InmateAid details a price along with free long distance minutes but why the free minutes and would I benefit from Inmate Aid? My spouse purchases calling cards and dials the long distance phone # to reach me. Our calls cost about $3-$4/15mins

Asked: May 12,2015
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The best that our service could do for you is cut the price of the calls down to just under $2.00 per call instead of what you are paying. You have to do the math and see if saving $2.00 per call is worth $20 per month. You would have to be speaking more than 10 times per month to cover the cost of the service.
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