Reviewed on: December 30,2017

is this website legit? meaning as if i send my inmate letters through here will he really receive them n also money

Asked: December 29,2017
Ask the inmate answer

InmateAid has been around since 2012 and serves over one million people per month. The Letters and Photos service is one of the most popular and is 100% legitimate. The processing is instantaneous as it sends the order to a third-party processing company. We send thousands per day with very little issue. Sometimes people select the wrong facility or forget to add the inmate ID number and the letter gets returned. If that happens, we investigate the reason and resend it at NO CHARGE, even if it wasn't our fault. We are proud to be the leader in Inmate Services like Discount Phones, Greeting Cards, Magazines, Books, Postcards and more.

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 30,2017

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